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Mom for Hire

Not wanting his mom to get a job outside the home, a young boy decides to persuade potential employers not to hire his mom by writing a silly resume. See what hilarious skills she poses in Mom for Hire.

Narrator, Stop!

Princess Aria and Prince Alexander's picnic is interrupted when he is unexpectedly captured by a dragon! Now the princess and the narrator are at odds over what story to tell. This rescue mission will not be a walk in the park. Though it will involve playful banter and the ingenious use of picnic supplies!

How to Name a Unicorn

Emma Jean, the kingdom’s top unicorn namer, is ready to pass the reins to her new apprentice. But when a curious specimen arrives, she must take ingenious measures to find the perfect name or be forced to admit that her naming formula isn't quite foalproof after all.

Quokka Can't Smile

Quokka wears a permanent smile and is known as the world’s happiest animal. But since her face can’t express when she is sad, mad, or embarrassed others misjudge certain situations. After multiple humorous attempts to change her expression, she learns from another species how to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Wolf's New Role

Hal, a wolf, is a famous villain, except . . . he isn’t a bad guy at all. Hal would love to play Prince Charming, but his fairy-god agent says his image needs a rewrite. With the role of his dreams on the line, Hal must perform three good deeds by midnight or risk being known as the big, bad wolf forever.

The Brightest Boo

Niko, the shadowy ghost, has been trying for centuries to earn his scare badge, but no one can see him. If he doesn’t succeed this time, he will be banished to the Sunshine Sector. With practice, persistence, and a little luck, Niko discovers what truly makes him shine.

Nature-Made Home

Pull up a chair, sit on the couch, or snuggle up in bed. No matter where you are in your home, you are surrounded by nature. House is here to tell you all about it. What you learn will ROCK your world. Be prepared to never look at common household items the same again!

Pick it in Private!

When Henry’s fingers start itching, it’s time to dig for gold. But after getting caught in the act multiple times, where can he pick it in peace? He thinks of the perfect place to search for treasure, but not before making a salty mistake.

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