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A short and sweet, free, monthly Zoom storytime supporting debut authors. Listen in and then sprint to leave an honest review in order to be entered into a drawing to win a prize from the participating author. 

Hosted by Ryann Jones and Andi Chitty.

Click the link below to receive updates on future events!

"I am so grateful to Storytime Sprint! The entire experience of getting to share MISSING VIOLET was made so special by Ryann, Andi, and the writing community. I read my story as they showed slides of Fabiana Faiallo's beautiful art which made the process seamless! In return, the story received numerous reviews and words of support. I felt so connected to the community and am forever grateful to Storytime Sprint for providing me with a wonderful and memorable experience. I definitely recommend them!"

-Kelly Swemba

"I loved participating in Storytime Sprint! It was a fun way to share my new picture book, and the community was supportive and enthusiastic."

-Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

"It has been a joy to participate in Storytime Sprint as both a debut author and as a participant. If you are looking for a fun, quick way to connect with authors and the kidlit community, this is the place to be! I always leave the sessions inspired to create my own work, as well as excited to support the featured author's books through reviews and library requests. My 9-year-old son loves sitting with me during these sprints, laughing along with the stories and listening to creative insight about their journeys to publication. It is a must-do event for me each month!"

-Laurie Carmody

"Participating in Storytime Sprint was a fantastic and rewarding experience. I was able to share my debut picture book Toby Tootles with an appreciative audience. Listening to them laugh was a highlight of the event for me. Plus, I received dozens of reviews and library requests as a result which is incredibly valuable for an author. But most of all, it was a lot of fun!"

-Stephanie Gibeault

"I give Storytime Sprint a 10/10! It was a wonderful experience. I was able to share and read my story and in return received dozens of reviews which are so valued for authors. The messaging and objective was clear. The results were amazing and greatly appreciated. I highly recommend working with Storytime Sprint."

-Alyssa Reynoso-Morris

"Storytime Sprint is a must-do for debut authors and picture book lovers! It was a delight to read my story to the enthusiastic and positive Storytime Sprint community. Generating so many reviews was just the cherry on top! I plan to attend as many as I can, as it's such a wonderful way to be introduced to new picture books and connect with debut authors."

-Natasha Khan Kazi

"STORYTIME SPRINT is a wonderful opportunity to share your book with KidLit enthusiasts!  I’ve had the pleasure of sharing one of my books with attendees and being an attendee, myself, hearing book authors (and author/illustrators) read their own works.  I appreciate all the reviews and library requests that help spread the word about my and other creators’ books.  Plus, it’s fun to enter for a chance to win a giveaway.  Big thanks to Ryann & Andi for supporting the children’s book community in such a meaningful and innovative way!"

-Jill Dana

"I was delighted to be asked to present my book, B IS FOR BANANAS (Flamingo Books, 2023) on Storytime Sprint. Ryann Jones and Andi Chitty were welcoming and well-organized. It was fun to get practice reading my story aloud, to hear another fellow author’s story, and to receive such positive feedback from attendees. I so appreciated all the reviews the experience generated for my book! Thanks to Ryann, Andi, and all the wonderful Storytime Sprint attendees!"

-Carrie Tillotson

"Taking part in Storytime Sprint was an absolute pleasure! Everybody was so lovely and sharing my book with everyone led to lots of reviews, library requests and purchases! I would love to take part again and would highly recommend the experience to other picture book creators."

-Robert Tregoning

“Being able to connect with readers directly to share my story was such a fun and rewarding experience. The Storytime Sprint community is so supportive and kind and provided such thoughtful and thorough reviews of my book afterwards along with library requests. Thank you so much for having me and allowing me to share my story!”

-Hà Dinh

"In a time when authors like me are struggling to get our picture books noticed in the crowd, Storytime Sprint helped me reach interested readers, gain early reviews from those who enjoyed the reading, and strengthen my relationship with other members of the Kidlit community! I loved participating!"

-Jilanne Hoffmann

"Storytime Sprint has created a wonderful way for writers to connect, support one another, and celebrate one another's book release successes. The program also provides an opportunity to quickly gain critical reviews and library purchase requests just after launching which is a huge benefit! Ryann and Andi are great hosts and make you feel right at home and this amazing event provided me the opportunity to do my first-ever virtual read-aloud of my own story from the comfort of my own home with old friends and brand new friends in the audience. Because the events are hosted virtually, I have been able to support so many author friends as their books launched! I highly recommend partnering with Storytime Sprint! Such an incredible experience!"

-Kari Ann Gonzalez

"Storytime Sprint was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the kidlit community. The interaction! The reviews! The stories shared! It was a boost to my book's launch and to my spirits! An all-around five-star experience."

-Kate Allen Fox

"Ryann and Andi have created such a wonderful program! I loved being able to share Too Much! An Overwhelming Day with the kidlit community--it was a wonderful way to celebrate my new book AND a great way to get lots of reviews! Storytime Sprint is a gift to both the author and the audience."

-Jolene Gutiérrez

"Storytime Sprint is an absolute gem for the kidlit community. It was such a wonderful experience to read Giraffe is Too Tall for This Book in front of a supportive and enthusiastic audience. The reviews I received were thoughtful, kind, and helpful in boosting visibility. It is also a joy to be an audience member for the Sprints and to hear other authors read their wonderful stories and chat about their inspiration and process."

-DK Ryland 

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